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Guardianship/Vulnerable Adult Actions

Guardianship/Vulnerable Adult Actions

Our guardianship attorneys work extensively in the creation, administration, and termination of guardianships. This typically involves assisting clients to establish necessary control, authority, and protection over incapacitated persons. These services can be extremely helpful in situations involving living arrangements, transportation, medical services, and financial affairs. Under some circumstances, it may be more appropriate to appoint a limited guardianship with restricted powers to assist an incapacitated person only with certain affairs.

Our Guardianship attorneys are excellent at recognizing your specific needs to construct a realistic and comprehensive plan. Among others, our attorneys regularly represent:

  • Professional and non-professional guardians
  • Persons seeking a guardianship over a loved one
  • “Guardians ad litem” in guardianship proceedings


Whether you are a concerned family member, or a professional guardian, our experienced attorneys will help address all of your concerns related to the creation, administration, and termination of guardianships.

Attorneys in this Practice Area: